On librarian (and academic) Twitter

This journal club was an entree to something well-known La Trobe librarian Twitter personalities, Danielle, Steven and Clare, are hoping to cook up for the digital literacies for staff program… something to whet your appetite!

The introvert’s megaphone


#Auslibchat and social librarians: Building and maintaining your online professional identity

By Elizabeth Alvey, James McGoran and Katie Miles-Barnes.Slides by Evanthia Samaras


#auslibchat  https://alianewgrads.wordpress.com/new-generation-advisory-committee/auslibchat/

Beth R. Hendrix & Alyse E. McKeal (2017) CaseStudy: Online Continuing Education for New Librarians, Journal of Library& Information Services in Distance Learning, 11:3-4, 346-354, https://doi-org.ez.library.latrobe.edu.au/10.1080/1533290X.2017.1404545

GLAM SLAM Twitter analysis – analysing live tweets from aGLAMorous conference


Even if you decide Twitter isn’t for you, it’s very usefulto know about given how many academics use Twitter.

Here are some insights and tips from academics for academics– that include some parallels with librarian Twitter.

Tseen Khoo (the famous @tseenster)

How useful is Twitter professionally? (Jason Dutton)


Social media: A tool for introverts (Sarah Hayes)


Great Twitter thread of Twitter advice from Kelly Gardiner https://twitter.com/kmjgardiner/status/948727681666854912

Something a little different, but growing in popularity, Instagram!http://redalert.blogs.latrobe.edu.au/2018/03/my-instagram-and-me-georgia-atkin-smith.html

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